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ISSUE NUMBER 201 December 2017

Carl Writes

Christmas still holds magical memories of childhood for me. At my infants’ and junior school, in the last week or so before we broke up for the holidays, we would make cards with cotton wool for snow, glitter for stars and glue to hold it all together. Then a post box would be put up in the corridor or hall, I can’t recall which, and we would post our cards to our school pals – taking home those for family.
 I went to a church school, Moseley Church of England in School Road, where my great grandfather Richard Chinn had also gone in the 1870s. The old school was then set amidst countryside not houses as in my day but no doubt my great grandfather had also gone to the school carol services at St Mary’s in Moseley Village, as did I – and one year I was even fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the three wise men in the school nativity.
 The excitement mounted the afternoon we broke up because later that day, when Dad had got home from work, he’d join Our Mom, me, and Our Kid in putting up the decorations in the hall and living room. When that was done there was the thrill of dressing the tree.
 Then, on Christmas Eve afternoon, Our Dad would take us with him to Brandwood End to pay his respects at the grave of Our Granddad and Uncle Ron. Soon after we got home, Our Nan would turn up after having been to the Crem at Perry Barr to pay her respects at the memorials to Granny and Granddad Wood.
 That’s when things started to cheer up. Family members would pop in and out. Our Mom was always baking – mince pies, cookies, apple pies – you name it. Granddad Perry would have a tot of scotch and we kids would start to feel the joy of the approach of Father Christmas.
 We always wondered whether he’s really taken in what we’d told him when we’d seen him at Lewis’s. But of course he had, because there was only one real Father Christmas in the world wasn’t there? He was at Lewis’s. He’d always been there. Our Moms and Dads had been to see him, just as we had and he had to be the real thing.  So with memories of Christmas past fresh in our minds may I wish each and every one a Merry Christmas.





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